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There is one sure thing that is inevitable in this world that we live in, and that is change!.

We can spend our whole lives trying to insulate ourselves from things changing, like our relationships, our health, our careers and our environment. However, no matter how hard we try, and no matter how much effort we put in to keeping things the same, it is a law of nature that everything changes. That’s because we live in an energetic environment, both internally and externally, and this means that everything is renewing and transforming in order to survive and thrive.

People worldwide facing both, new developments, challenges and opportunities but also increasing fear, danger and costs.

People have never been able to travel so much as today which has brought them to fear of airline failures, terror attacks or flight delays. People have never sat down so long hours which has brought them to more illnesses. People themselves have created solutions to replace the human work with machines, so there is no more long-life job security.

At Northern1 we know that insurance is all about the people, their lives, their families, their future, it’s all about being as safe as you can be when life turns against you.

We see the beyond the limits of today’s still conservative insurance industry and we meet the needs of the most demanding customers locally and pan-Europe. Our mission is to provide the insurance solutions what can give safety and happiness.

Because people ARE everything.

Insurance distributor Northern1 International Insurance Brokers OÜ operates as insurance brokerage company according to Estonian law behalf of policy holders and it is included in the Financial Supervision Authority’s list of insurance intermediaries (www.fi.ee).  Northern1 has licence for insurance mediation activities in all European Union countries and Iceland.

Northern1 International Insurance Brokers OÜ Tartu mnt 84A – M302 Tallinn 10112

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